Your Past 

People often say just live in the moment.  The past is the past. There’s new opportunities out there for you to discover. While that is true, you aren’t allowing yourself to grow as an individual. Take the time to think of why you’re in the situation you are in. Admit to your past and your … More Your Past 


People say you won’t know until you try. When do you know you are too tired of trying? You’re out of energy, you try reverse pyschology, “You think you’re sick, you stay sick”. It helps for a bit.. Then the aches come back and remind you that you are not able to function like a … More Trials 


Going after your dream seems to be easy to chase. Sometimes those dreams are just dreams…. Well I believe in making my dreams become a reality. Right now reality isn’t too great. That is life, so be prepared for disappointments. It will only make you stronger and push yourself past your limits. 

Speak Up

  No one can read your mind. If you want desperately want something speak up. You are a human being with emotions. You are a puzzle to most people, so speak up.    Don’t be afraid of expressing yourself, no matter what situation you are put in. Don’t change for anyone. Always remember who you … More Speak Up

Palliative care 

  Palliative care is specialized medical care for people with serious illness. It focuses on providing relief from the symptoms and stress of a serious illness. The goal is to improve quality of life for both the patient and the family.  Don’t be afraid to talk about this with your family members, we all die … More Palliative care 

All falls down 

Hitting rock bottom. I guess it happens to everyone. How will you handle your rock bottom? Will you get right back up and become a fearless human being or cry until you can’t anymore. Will you want to feel pity? Or will you become filled with anger?  Or will you be too terrified to know … More All falls down 


      We all have that one friend who we can share our secrets to. She is just not a friend, she is a best friend that I trust. I’ve known her for years and we’ve spent 24/7 together. Never would’ve thought she would leave me once I got sick.       Getting sick … More BEST FRIEND/SISTER

Back to blogging

Today I am back to my blog. I stopped for a while because of medical reasons and I wanted to spend time with my family and learn about who I am while trying to live with a chronic illness. That didn’t go as planned and I’ll explain why.     I do not have a strong … More Back to blogging


So now that my mom is back at work as a school teacher and my younger brother is a senior in high school I am felt alone living with my disease. I know every teenagers dream is to have the house to theirselves I guess, but I just think of the past. It seems to … More Venting