All falls down 

Hitting rock bottom. I guess it happens to everyone. How will you handle your rock bottom? Will you get right back up and become a fearless human being or cry until you can’t anymore. Will you want to feel pity? Or will you become filled with anger?  Or will you be too terrified to know the outcome? 

Truth is, you’ll feel all types of emotions once you feel like it is the end of the world. The feeling is amazing in certain ways actually. You realize how strong you are mentally, also you get to re evaluate your mistakes and become wiser. You are rebuilding a stronger version of yourself without the “steroids” aha.  Get right back up and continue to finish your journey towards success. 

“If you’re going through hell keep going.” -Winston Churchill 


One thought on “All falls down 

  1. Our minds can’t consciously comprehend all of the pain illness or trauma serves up and it compartmentalizes, for want of a better word or concept. Perhaps our minds are a little like rodents packing away nuts for the winter; they can’t – don’t want to – deal with all the nuts at the present but will get to them eventually. Sometimes, the problem is that our minds make something else out of the trauma in the meantime. By making it more palatable, it makes us less sensitive. By making it less painful, it makes us number than we were before. By letting us survive the agony, it may make us a little less open to the simplicity of friendships and relationships in the same way we might have been before.
    Or maybe all of that is just my experience, lived 50+ years after a bacterial infection almost took my life and kept me in and out of hospitals, on and off constant antibiotic IV lines, in and out of surgeries for most of four years.
    For me, the best thing has been developing relationships with good counselors who understand the difficult process of traumatic insult and slow recovery, someone who can help us keep perspective, help us remain upright, calibrated on reality, help us filter the disinformation our minds may have made of our difficulties.
    We all suffer, says Buddha. It is what we make of our time in suffering that makes us alive.
    Kind regards, MSOC

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