What would you do!?

    At this moment in my life something bad has happened to me.. Well actually when I was 13 years old my father passed away from leukemia. Losing a parent at a young age can be very devasting, as it was for me. A week after his funeral I went back to school and played sports, got into my regular routine.Of course people knew and said their condolences. It was still just a dream for me. I was in denial while trying to keep my grades up and participate in sports. I lost who I was, I didn’t know who Krista was anymore.  

     Four years later I am a senior in high school and I am 17. I’m still attending school, trying to communicate with peers, but I just didn’t know who Krista was. I got into a bit of trouble and ended up pregnant my senior year. Around the same time I got diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called aplastic anemia. I am 19 now and recovering from my bone marrow transplant.

  •       Krista has had some bad things happen during teenage years, not all by choice 
  •  Krista is trying to not let this illness define who she is, or who will become. 
  • Krista has let this illness strengthen her by becoming a bit more independent and educating herself on blood disorders. 

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