We all have that one friend who we can share our secrets to. She is just not a friend, she is a best friend that I trust. I’ve known her for years and we’ve spent 24/7 together. Never would’ve thought she would leave me once I got sick. 

     Getting sick has really changed my perspective on certain things. Especially with the people I allow myself to open up to. My family tries to be here for me but they just don’t understand how it feels like to be sick all the time. Some people will understand, some won’t. 

     Eventually I will have to accept the fact that I no longer will be associating with that “best friend” anymore. Although I would love some closure as to why she never visited me in the hospital or asked how I was doing. Closure is never really my thing….  Or hers. 


3 thoughts on “BEST FRIEND/SISTER

  1. I had a friend completely turn on me when I was in the hospital. She said some really terrible and hurtful things to me while I was sick. She even told me I “play the cancer card” and not “really that sick.” I just couldn’t believe it. She was the last person I ever expected it from, but I feel like sometimes people just don’t know how to cope with their friends getting sick. I’ve had other people message me saying “sorry I didn’t contact you sooner….I just didn’t know what to say” I understand that though. Sometimes it is hard to find the right words.

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