It takes a certain person to be determined in accomplishing anything, whether it be the small things, taking out the trash, walking the dog losing weight. Or much bigger goals, such as making a difference in this world. You can be sitting next to that person right now and not knowing what they are capable of. Or you can be that person reading this right now. People are capable of anything. You just have to have that drive in order to succeed in life. As people say “life is short”, it really is. So don’t be afraid of taking risks.

I got sick my senior year of high school and I wasn’t able to attend school. I still wanted to graduate with my class, so I made it a priority to do my school work while I was in the hospital. I was able to complete my work on time and graduated on time. I wasn’t able to walk the stage, but one of my teachers gave me a gown. It means something to me, I’m not going to let this illness stop me from doing anything. I am determined to go to college in January, and that is what I am going to do.

I don’t know what’s in the future for me. I know I want to help people going through the same thing as me. Whether it be raising awareness about Aplastic Anemia, a teacher, or becoming a doctor like my doctor mentions all the time aha. I’m really loving the bone marrow transplant team, I’ve learned so much about medications and about my disease. I belong in the hospital.. Well sometimes lol, but I mean I love the hospital setting. As I’m writing this I’ll say, I am determined to become a Hematologist, my doctors have inspired me. Now I have that drive to go out there and get what I want. Anything would be a piece of cake compared to going through a bone marrow transplant. Doctors say going through a bone marrow transplant is like running a marathon. I am in the middle of my marathon. I am never going to give up until I reach the finish line.


4 thoughts on “Determined 

  1. Love your inspiration and how strong you are! BMT’s are hard and a life long process but i love that you are choosing to see the positive and focus on using your experiences to help others.

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