Transplant Day, October 31st,2014

Right now it is 2:02am and I am still awake aha. I do suffer from insomnia from some of the medications I take at the moment. So I guess I will discuss my transplant day. Transplant was the only option I had left because my AA was so severe. Although finding a match is difficult, my older brother was a perfect match. 

    Before finding out he was a match, I was thinking of how to say goodbye to everyone because I didn’t know how long I had. That same day all my hematologists walked into my room in a group and said ” Your older brother is a perfect match, a 10 out of 10″. I couldn’t stop crying that day, I had so many emotions going on, it was even Halloween lol, and most of my nurses were dressed up for Halloween aha. So many things were going through my mind. How can you ever thank someone for saving your life? He didn’t have to agree to go through the donation but we’ve always had that special bond. Being his younger sister, he has always been over protective and he wanted to be a match so bad.  

      That same week, I was told about all the risks and complications that come with the transplant and that you can develop GVHD, which is what I am experiencing right now. It is something I can live with though. It was either life or death. I chose the transplant and choose to fight to this day.  

    The doctors also talk about appearances and how I will need to cut my hair because of the chemo that I will be getting. I thought to myself it’s not big deal, hair always grows back.  I had one of the nurses shave my hair off the next day before it started falling off in the sheets. It really felt like I was being reborn. The greatest feeling in the world. To this day I still can’t bring up my older brother without shedding a tear. I live today because of him. He saved my life.  

 Bald is beautiful(: 


4 thoughts on “Transplant Day, October 31st,2014

  1. I was so sad when my hair feel out. I thought it was going to be a slow gradual thing and one day I just woke up and clumps of hair started falling out. It was so frustrating because even after they cut it short you still have little pokey hairs falling out. Did you lose your eye lashes and eye brows? My first round of chemo I didn’t and I still looked pretty normal. The chemo I did for the transplant actually took my eye lashes and eye brows. Then every time you look in the mirror it’s just a shock of how sickly you look.

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