Would you like to know your prognosis or rather live everyday like your last. I chose to live everyday like my last. It can be hard not knowing the outcome, but it also keeps me going. It keeps me motivated. I know I will be able to accomplish every goal I have set for my self no matter what the situation. I push myself past my limits. 

    Being sick has made me forgive everyone and look at life in a different perspective. People tend to worry about the little things. Now I’m not saying to go rob a bank because everything does come with consequences lol. It will be great if everyone did appreciate everything. Today I am grateful to be writing this blog right now. I’m still here, I was able to say good morning to my mother and give her a hug before she left to work.  

    I would say I am a different person, I believe everything happens for a reason. Before I had gotten sick I had no idea what I wanted as a career. Now I know I want to become a hematologist, I want to know what causes Aplastic Anemia and bring more awareness towards this disease. My doctors and nurses give me that motivation and I believe that I am here for a reason.  



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